• Accounting services in Bulgaria

    We provide a comprehensive range of accounting and administrative services in Bulgaria read more

  • Benefits of working with Soffin

    Soffin is a mixture of competence, integrity and efficiency. We are small enough to take you personally, yet we aspire to be second to noone in quality if the services we provide. read more


What we do

We are providers of accounting, payroll, tax and administrative services. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and organisation. Efficiency allows us to meet your budget. Good organisation and internal controls gives us and you peace of mind.

We are an actual brick-and-mortar company. We are not an intermediary, a consultancy or a web-portal.


  • Accounting & Reporting

    comprehensive statutory and management
    accounting services

    Accounting & Reporting
  • Payroll

    Flexible payroll services with perfect timing and uncompromising accuracy

  • Tax Planning

    Intelligent tax planning allows you save considerable amounts of taxes without braking the rules

    Tax Planning
  • Transfer Pricing

    Helping multinationals ensure tax compliance in intragroup transfers

    Transfer Pricing
  • CoSec

    Maintaining companies’ corporate data and ensuring legal compliance