Maintaining companies' corporate data and ensuring legal compliance

Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate Secretarial Services represent services connected with the administration of companies. Their content is carrying out all administrative duties for the company as prescribed by local legislation. In the framework of corporate services, Soffin can offer assistance in the following:

Company Incorporation & Acquisition

Soffin has established excellent contacts with local professionals involved in the phases of incorporation. These professionals include public notaries, tax and legal advisors, to name only a few. As your local representative, Soffin will manage and co-ordinate the organisation of complex corporate structures. Soffin offers both the opportunity to purchase a ready-made company or to incorporate a new legal entity.

Meetings of the Company’s Authorities

In accordance with the demands resulting from legislation and your internal rules, we can call and organize General, Board of Directors, and Advisory Committee meetings, prepare all necessary documents (e.g. invitations and minutes of the General Meeting), and complete all other related steps (e.g. we ensure the presence of a Notary or Extract from the List of Shareholders).

Registration of Data and Any Changes

Every change of the company’s basic data (e.g. change of executive or change of the business name) must be duly documented (e.g. Commercial Register or Financial Authority) with the relevant authorities. Soffin prepares all necessary documents and satisfies all notification and registration duties, which in turn saves you time.

Revision of Documents and Proceedings of the Company in Line with Local Rules

Legalities prescribe the terms of the corporate documents (e.g. Incorporation Document or Memorandum of Association) and regulate a variety of corporate administrative responsibilities (e.g. preparation, approval, certification and deposition of the Annual Report). Their observance is subject to the control of administrative authorities and enforced by the threat of penalty. Soffin, by keeping track of the corporate documents of your company, helps you to uncover and remove their inadequacies, as well as shortcomings in the course of carrying out various required duties.